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There a few key lesson's to take away from The Prophet (SAW)'s last sermon. The 5 main talking points are:

1. Hurt no one

The Prophet (PBUH) wisely directs our focus inward, urging us to reflect on our actions. Let's safeguard others as we safeguard ourselves, mindful of our words and deeds. This principle of Taqwa emphasises understanding our impact and respecting others' rights.


2. Avoid Usury (Interest)

Many are unfamiliar with Riba, or usury, but Islam consistently warns against it. Any excessive charge in a loan contract is considered Riba. Islam discourages living beyond our means, advocating for financial systems rooted in honesty and transparency, not greed.


3. Beware of Satan 

Seek refuge in Allah, staying vigilant against Satan's influence on our thoughts and actions. Recognise his gradual tactics and take responsibility for resisting his temptations.


4. End Racism

In the last sermon, the Prophet (SAW) emphasized the equality of humanity, regardless of race or ethnicity. Let's embrace this principle, recognising piety and good deeds as the true measures of superiority.


5. Honour Women

In a world where disrespect towards women is prevalent, the Prophet (PBUH) teaches us to treat women with kindness and respect. Let's uphold the status and rights of women in Islam, fulfilling society's duty to ensure their dignity and well-being.

The Prophet's Last Sermon

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