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Our wooden milestone cards, beautifully designed to commemorate and cherish every special milestone in your baby's life.


Each card is designed to capture a wide range of milestones in your baby's growth, covering everything from your baby's birth to significant events like 'Salaam World, the newest addition to the ummah' 'My first Eid' 'First time I said Allah' and many more. Our milestone cards are thoughtfully crafted with a gender-neutral design, making them suitable for all families, whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl.

These milestone cards are incredibly versatile. Use them as charming photo props for capturing those precious moments, adorn your baby's nursery with them, or create a stunning scrapbook filled with cherished memories.


Share the joy of parenthood and the beauty of Islamic traditions with expecting or new parents. Our Baby Islamic Milestone Cards make a meaningful and thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.


Our Wooden Milestone Cards are more than just cards; they are a celebration of love, faith, and family. They help you create a visual diary of your baby's milestones. Explore these beautiful cards, document your baby's growth, and share the beauty of your faith with your little one. Start creating memories that will last a lifetime today.

Individual Wooden Milestone Cards

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