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Add a timeless touch of spirituality to your home decor with our Ramadan Dua Wheel. This beautifully crafted piece features 2 revolving wheels, one with dua's for all 3 Ashara's of Ramadhan and the second with each day of the month.

The intricate design allows you to rotate and select the appropriate dua for each Ashara of Ramadan. The first 10 days being of mercy, the next 10 days of forgiveness and the last 10 days, the dua for salvation. Personalisation options are also available, making it a meaningful and unique addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for your nearest and dearest. 

Bring the ambience of Ramadhan into your home with this stunning and practical decor piece.

Ramadan Dua Wheel

PriceFrom £95.00
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