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Hand Deliveries

Congratulations! Your order is complete and will be hand delivered! To ensure a seamless delivery experience, please carefully review the following guidelines: 

The date and time of your delivery will be specified in your confirmation email. Upon delivery, it is the recipient's responsibility to inspect the product with our team member present. Any issues discovered after our departure may incur additional charges for resolution. Please maintain all items flat and avoid placing any objects on top of our box(es). If we fail to arrive on the scheduled delivery date, kindly inform us promptly via email here.

Any telephone communication that may take place may be via a withheld number. ​While we strive to be punctual, unforeseen delays may occur. In such instances, we will endeavour to keep you informed through WhatsApp, phone calls, or email when it is safe to do so.

Unless specified otherwise via prior email communication and acknowledgment from our team, we will deliver to the address provided during checkout. If delivery constraints exist, such as restricted business hours, please notify us immediately for alternative arrangements. During delivery attempts, we will wait for five minutes if there is no initial response. In the absence of a reply, we may deliver to a neighbour and notify you accordingly. Please be aware that additional charges may apply for issues arising from neighbour deliveries. If re-delivery is requested, this would be possible at an additional charge if your piece has left our workshop and is already on it's way to you. If you notify us before your piece leaves us, there is no additional charge

In the unfortunate event something happens to us on the way to your delivery we shall aim to notify you as soon as it is safe to do so.

See you soon!

The Noon Saakin Team.


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